About d-log We are specialists for special tasks

Welcome to d-log.

Our extensive experience as managers of manufacturing companies and trading groups have shown us that logistical tasks can often be a blind spot in a company. We have experienced that a weak logistical solution is used for special tasks because no other methods were found.

At d-log we want to change that. Our goal is exactly where it is needed and exactly the way it suits the company.

d-log develops logistical services fitting exactly to your specific tasks. We are interested in problems, to deliver new solutions.

We don`t pull the rabbit out of the hat and don`t come up with standard.

We listen to you, we check your processes, we ask for your vision, and than we think what d-log can deliver.

We are searching for creative solutions, scaleable solutions – solutions which will grow with you and your expectations.

Logistics of Tomorrow for Today

"The two founders of d-log invented logistics as a marketing tool. For modern growth-oriented companies d-log is irreplaceable."
Jörg Küpper (left), Robert Konzack (right)

Your Advantage

Our success is a very simple calculation: Lower costs for better performance

We look at the areas in a company that are often neglected. They usually run away, are left to themselves and are less controlled. When was the last time advertising material or sample dispatch was reviewed? Here capital is tied up and sometimes wasted because this can take a considerable time and effort. We have not yet spoken of the cost involved in the area of maintenance and advertising media management.

Many business owners, marketing and sales managers do not know the capacity, the need or the actual cost of the advertising materials warehouse and shipping. At the same time these areas are very sensitive to the customer relationship, the satisfaction of trade, and distribution. Any error in the shipping charged affects the customer relationship. Besides the cost, the quality of logistics services is a key success factor. These are the two lynchpins of advertising media logistics that can be optimally controlled by d-log.

We focus on logistical services, so you can concentrate on your core business.


The Pillars of Our Company





At the beginning of every good idea there are many questions

We can imagine a lot of questions that can be answered different today from in the past. Where can accounting documents be stored safely? Who knows about the archive and how long does it take for someone to find the old file that is need? How much space is in the product archive? Do we have to build a new another new storage facility again? Should we send more promotional material or less?
It customer focus about novels or telegrams? Could all packages have our corporate colors?

What about for our environmental performance, do we only deliver by bike instead of using diesel? Do we really need to produce as much packaging waste? ... What are your questions? What are you thinking about? Talk to us, we look forward to receiving your requests. We resolve problems creatively, efficiently, environmentally friendly and personably.

d-log asks the right questions to analyses weaknesses and strengths and finds a concept that will further your business.

7 good reasons for choosing d-log.

  1. 1

    Cost Transparency

    Thanks to d-log, businessmen and managers know now where their budget lies and how it is used.

  2. 2

    Environmental Protection

    Not at the expense of the environment. d-log consistently relies on partners, materials and resources that cause minimal harm to our environment.

  3. 3


    The savings you can make - the expenditure for storage, organization, personnel and shipping.

  4. 4


    Better safe than sorry, beautiful is beautiful. d-log creates uniform packaging ideas and standards that professionalize delivery.

  5. 5

    Improved Quality

    d-log looks at everything from packaging to shipping professionally, quickly and on time, to improve quality.

  6. 6

    Customer Service

    No problem. We work in a highly flexible and customized way. A customer will come to us for the offer of a solution.

  7. 7


    At d-log we are very effective, because we know how to do the right things, but most of all, at d-log, we are efficient, because we know how to do things right.