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We advise you how to perfectly organize your logistics for the future. If you want, we go together with you into this future.

Nowadays nothing can be done without logistics. Many companies have developed their own solutions, which have worked well until new requirements make it more complex, more fragile and more expensive. No wonder why this is not your main business. But ours. At d-log we have been dealing with logistical issues for years and have found optimal solutions that pay off and be well received. We can also do this for you: advise you on how to do better. And if you want, we do better with you or for you.

Contact Person

Jörg Küpper
Jörg Küpper

Founder & Managing Director

The d-log approach

Consulting Success means to us implementation success.

Often, consultants are only brought into the house when the problems are large. But it would be much more rewarding to contact consultants if everything goes well. Since that is the best time to invest in the future.
That could be today. d-log advises manufacturers and distributors of consumer products, branded goods and investment items in all aspects of your logistic strategy, organization and processes.
Our many years of operating experience and constructive, pragmatic working style more than pays off. We understand logistics as a marketing tool, which will be a crucial competitive advantage in the future.

Starting position

At the beginning of a consulting contract there are very specific questions. Do you deal with the following or similar problems now?

  • The incoming orders vary extremely between Monday and Sunday. How can we use the capacities efficiently?
  • The business is highly seasonal. How can we react more quickly in the high season?
  • The fleet is busy sometimes at a 20% and other times at a 95%. What can reduce the standing cost?
  • We send too much air. Is that better?
  • Our customers want multiple orders in a single consignment. How can we manage to do that when the goods are stored at different locations?
  • We have too little overview of the storage costs, inventories and the shrinkage in the stock. How can we change that?
  • The shipping produces significant error rates. Why?

d-log Logistics Consulting includes the following services

Process Optimization

We help you to optimize your processes. We develop an operating model with many customers and d-log can take over these process allowing you to concentrate on your core business. In all cases we can develop efficient processes for you.
Your quality rises and flexibility is increased.

Cost Transparency

What does it really cost? Logistic processes are complex and produce a lot of hidden costs: in the stock, in the packaging, in transportation. d-log saves storage costs, relieves your shipping department and gives you comprehensive insight into the cost of the logistics process. We show you which work steps can be done more efficiently and conveniently.

E-commerce / Online Stores / ERP

The stores opening 24 hours, 7 days a week need logistics that start immediately after ordering and, as the pizza service, is delivered 30 minutes later. This is a vision of the future, but d-log is working on it. With a customized ERP system that starts small and can be extremely large and strong with the success.

Logistics of Tomorrow for Today

"The two founders of d-log invented logistics as a marketing tool. For modern growth-oriented companies d-log is irreplaceable."
Jörg Küpper (left), Robert Konzack (right)

The d-log principle is simple

"Zero-defect performance"

Our customers grow with and through our commitment. We understand logistics as a sales task and important marketing tool of the future. d-log offers in addition to warehousing a diverse range of services, such as co-packing, fulfillment, logistics consulting and outsourcing.

We operate online stores and we are the logistics partner for manufacturers and distributors of advertising materials, consumer products, industrial products, branded goods and investment items, for shipping companies, banks and insurance companies, world market leaders and start-ups, Fortune 500 corporations and family businesses...

With d-log, you can enormously reinforce your effect at the recipient. This applies equally to your business customers, your business partners and your private customers.