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Much is involved when selling something that has to be sent. Organizing all the logistical stages involved takes time and money.

This means investments that are later absent for the business expansion. We handle all the necessary logistical steps to bring the goods sold to happy customers quickly, punctually and safely. d-log works with traders and companies efficiently and sustainably to fulfil your orders entirely.

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Robert Konzack
Robert Konzack

Founder & Managing Director

The Advantage of d-log

Logistics for Growth - flexible, reliable and cost-transparent

No matter how we receive your order, whether through our online shop or by telephone, we set up a suitable system for you so we can complete the logistic service. From small to large volume shipping we forward-plan and manage the customer data, manage and store your goods, maintain a daily inventory, pack, assemble and ship - optimized with the invoice and delivery of products. We not only do this at the right time in the right packaging to the correct address, but do this in accordance with our mission statement: “zero-defect performance”, in high quality, sustainable and attractive packaging.

d-log fulfilment includes the following services

Order Management

Customer places an order? We jump to this quickly and professionally handle the order, including delivery, invoicing and return documents.

Returns Management

What if it did not fit? The management of returns can be complex. We fully document the evaluation and examination of the goods, and provide feedback and error analysis for returns. Here we aim to achieve customer satisfaction quickly, while minimizing losses.

Quality Control

Where does the quality in logistics begin? Where does it end? Can you save on quality? d-log subjects the entire logistical process to strict quality management, to ensure the customer receives top service and quality to the end. The worth that is worthwhile, to ensure our aim of “zero-defect performance” is met.

Address Maintenance

We are specialists in logistics and have only one goal: to optimize your logistical effort and reduce your logistics expenses. In the short and long term, we can provide a strong advantage for your sales. Learn more about our industry solutions!

Incoming and Outgoing Goods Inspection

What comes in and what goes out? The quality-certified entrance test according to DIN ISO, the acquisition and storage as well as the continuous monitoring of the stock, and the demand and movement of advertising material are the basis for optimum process design.


What will be packed? Who checks the order? At d-log, the shipments compiling is done professionally and accurately.

Typically d-log

Business thinking and management for businessmen.

If you would like, we can also handle your customer hotline and complaints for you. We provide a permanent solution as efficiently and optimally as possible. We can make savings and see what can be done even better in the logistical process. Finally, happy customers, customers keep returning and increase your orders, bring new customers and grow your business. And a growing business interests us just like you. We also have to start somewhere and know that any business can be great when it has a compelling offer.

What you do not want? Do you want to do something yourself? Do you need only an individual service from us or the whole package? d-log provides the best fulfilment package.

Logistics of Tomorrow for Today

"The two founders of d-log invented logistics as a marketing tool. For modern growth-oriented companies d-log is irreplaceable."
Jörg Küpper (left), Robert Konzack (right)

d-log E-Commerce fulfillmentPerfect Logistics from Day One

Whether yours is a start-up or an established company that operates an online shop – d-log is the company for entrepreneurs. We exist by thinking and doing. We understand your concerns and requirements, we look for the best solution and still bring a few more ideas to make your logistic services even better. Better than your competitor. We go step by step with you, from planning to the implementation. Each stage, whether in the warehouse, in shipping, or packaging and managing, can be scaled to match your needs and perspectives. Benefit from our profound experience and great desire to put things in motion effectively.

The d-log Principle is simple

“Zero-defect performance”

For us logistics is the key distribution task and an important marketing tool of the future. If you understand today, you will be on the right track tomorrow. We will support you. Flexibility, speed and reliability are our trademarks. Measure us in these statements.
With d-log you can make your products much more attractive than other dealers and companies offer.

d-log offers the fulfilment of a diverse range of logistics-related service. B. Logistics for online shops, ERP/e-commerce solutions, outsourcing, co-packing and warehousing. We already service numerous online stores and logistics partner for producers and distributors of advertising materials, consumer products, fashion products, carriers, advertising agencies and banks; for world market leaders and start-ups, Fortune 500 corporations and family companies...