d-log co-packing Advantage through quality

You treasure your brand. You invest in your products. You have strong sales. It's high time that also your logistics become to a quality criterion.

The shipment of products receives little attention. The main thing is that the product is safe and will be delivered on schedule. At d-Log we are engaged day and night only with shipping issues: from initial order to final delivery. We have analyzed and optimized the entire process chain, so that our customers amazed on how many strong, new ideas d-log brings to its logistics. We do this most efficiently, because we are sure that it pays off.

Contact Person

Robert Konzack
Robert Konzack

Founder & Managing Director

The d-log effect

We make senders and recipients happy.

Co-packing begins by catalog with personal letters and does not cease by compiling welcome packages with exclusive advertising material and a personalized thank you. You say what you want to pack, repack or enclose.

Logistics of Tomorrow for Today

"The two founders of d-log invented logistics as a marketing tool. For modern growth-oriented companies d-log is irreplaceable."
Jörg Küpper (left), Robert Konzack (right)

Your benefits

We make the shipment in a way you will be thrilled

  • The products are not only properly packed, but also attractive: cool, young, valuable, technical, exclusive, discreet - as it suits you and your business.
  • Everything that has been ordered is actually contained in the consignment.
  • The packaged products are all tested for quality and appearance.
  • You have a contact person seven days a week with your logistics partner, who really knows the facts.
  • Orders, whether single or multiple products in a shipment, arrive always on time to your customers and partners.
  • Your products are kept clean and safe.
  • Your products are assembled and packed in such a way that you don't send air any more.
  • Orders come faster than before.

d-log co-packing includes the following services

Quality Control

Where does quality in logistics begin? Where does it end? Can you save on quality? d-log subjects the entire logistic process to strict quality management, to convince the customer, in the end, with top service and the best quality. That is worthwhile, that pays off and only in that way our standards can be met at a "zero-defect performance".

Incoming and Outgoing Goods Inspection

What comes in and what goes out? The quality-certified entrance test according to DIN ISO, the acquisition and storage as well as the continuous monitoring of the stock, and the demand and movement of advertising material are the basis for optimum process design.


What will be packed? Who checks the order? At d-log, the shipments compiling is done professionally and accurately.

Display Building and Equipping

Is your product at the center or in the corner of a dealer? Does the goods arrive undamaged and safely? Does the customers have access to you offer or they can easily miss it? d-log develops and equips displays for product presentation, where customers stop, help themselves and the trade wish for the next pallet.

Packaging Solutions

How much air is sent? What protects your materials best? Produced in a sustainable manner and economically packed as a gift, as a sample or as a material, we can guarantee the safe shipping.

Package Management

One size fits all? That would be nice, but it is not efficient. d-log advises and develops optimized packaging concepts for the entire range of orders of customers.

Shipping Service

Already in the way and on time at the customer? We send mailings, goods, or trade show materials quickly, safely and conveniently to all the addressees. Also worldwide, with the necessary shipping documents. By mail or parcel services as well as shipping companies or couriers. Postage costs are optimized. Each shipment is recorded and tracked electronically.