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Online shopping is quick, but how quickly does the product go to the customer, that is, and remains, complicated. d-log specialize in paying close attention to this from warehousing, to fast and secure shipping, to returns management. We can save online retailers cost, capacity, time, money and worry.

Customers are impatient. Whatever they order online today, they want to receive tomorrow. d-log is your specialist partner for efficient and intelligent e-commerce shipping to your customer. You can choose individual logistic modules or the entire logistics process, from order to fulfilment. The biggest risk you have is that you receive more orders. But we are always prepared for growth.

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Robert Konzack
Robert Konzack

Founder & Managing Director

The Advantage of d-logLow Fix Costs, Strong Performance, Satisfied Customers

d-log takes over the professional fulfilment of your online shop.

After carrying out a full analysis, we develop the optimum logistics concept for your needs. It goes without saying that we are economical and can save you money. Our focus is to offer all ours services of the highest quality and your customers’ experience of this will set you apart from the competition.

d-log logistics for online shops includes the following services

Storage, warehouse organization and picking

Receipt of goods with quality inspection

Packaging, addressing and franking

Shipping management

Invoicing and delivery

Returns management and analysis

Customer service

Reporting and statistics

With d-log you can be confident that your goods will reach the customer in good condition in a timely manner

  1. 1

    Fast and Punctual

    We combine individual products and components, configure and ship materials and advertising material quickly and punctually.

  2. 2

    Demand Based

    We manage supply and demand so you will no longer be left with residual stock.

  3. 3


    We do not send air in our packaging. Efficiency is our credo.

  4. 4


    We ship all kinds of materials from one to 100,000 pieces per day.

  5. 5

    Clean and Safe

    Your goods and materials are stored cleanly and safely.

  6. 6

    Custom Made

    We can manufacture custom packaging from the beginning.

  7. 7


    We make sure your shipment arrives with the receiver in good condition and is attractively packaged. We anticipate their curiosity and interest in our packing.

Logistics of Tomorrow for Today

"The two founders of d-log invented logistics as a marketing tool. For modern growth-oriented companies d-log is irreplaceable."
Jörg Küpper (left), Robert Konzack (right)

Want to know more about our concept “Logistics of Tomorrow”?Telephone +49 201 2897960

The d-log Principle is simple

“Zero-defect performance”

For us logistics is the key distribution task and an important marketing tool of the future. If you understand today, you are on the right path tomorrow. We will support you. Flexibility, speed and reliability are our trademarks. Measure us in these statements.

d-log offers a diverse range of logistics services for online shops, such as outsourcing, co-packing, warehousing and logistical advice. We already service numerous online stores and logistics partner for producers and distributors of advertising materials, consumer products and fashion products, for carriers, advertising agencies and banks; for world market leaders and start-ups, Dax 30 corporations and family companies ...


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