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Imagine that you have a logistics partner you can rely on.

This logistics partner assembles individual products and components, packs and picks orders, stores and dispatches these from one to 100,000 units per day, and you know: That works. For special products or on special occasions, you can quickly and flexibly use individual packages. You offer your customers an unpacking experience to enjoy over and over again. Imagine that you find all that defined in binding Service Level Agreements (SLA).

The d-log effect. You save time, money and nerves.

Logistic processes are becoming more complex, more fragile and at the same time increasingly important. Many questions of efficiency, effectiveness and timing can only be answered in the best possible way when the goods flow and the information flow are perfectly synchronized. At d-log we deal daily with these issues. Our answers have already paid for themselves in practice and our customers' logistics have advanced far forward.

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