d-log logistics of advertising material Fast and professional

d-log brings the right promotional material to the right place at the right time

d-log offers professional services for your advertising material logistics. This ranges from warehousing to inventory maintenance, to order picking, shipping and returns management. You can use these services for action planning or can continuously use us. We ensure that advertising materials, brochures, POS materials, exhibition items and price lists arrive at the right time, in the right place - whether in the field, with the retailer or with your clients.

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Robert Konzack
Robert Konzack

Founder & Managing Director

d-log advertising material logistics comprises the following services

Process Optimization

We help you to optimize your processes. We develop an operating model with many customers and d-log can take over these process allowing you to concentrate on your core business. In all cases we can develop efficient processes for you.
Your quality rises and flexibility is increased.

Display Building and Equipping

Is your product at the center or in the corner of a dealer? Does the goods arrive undamaged and safely? Does the customers have access to you offer or they can easily miss it? d-log develops and equips displays for product presentation, where customers stop, help themselves and the trade wish for the next pallet.

Packaging Solutions

How much air is sent? What protects your materials best? Produced in a sustainable manner and economically packed as a gift, as a sample or as a material, we can guarantee the safe shipping.

Incoming and Outgoing Goods Inspection

What comes in and what goes out? The quality-certified entrance test according to DIN ISO, the acquisition and storage as well as the continuous monitoring of the stock, and the demand and movement of advertising material are the basis for optimum process design.


Does it fit well? Is it a safe location? Difficult tasks and high demand are met by d-log, whether it is a hand-crafted item or fragile, we offer packing solutions that are fast, reliable and sensitive. For example, shipping gifts at Christmas time.

Address Maintenance

We are specialists for logistics and have only one goal: to optimize your logistical effort and reduce your logistics expenses. In the short and long term we offer a strong advantage for your sales. Learn more about our industry solutions.

Consumption Analysis

Where have all the smartphones gone? We document all movements of goods, keep statistics on your requirements and provide you with available reports as required.

Shipping Service

Already in the way and on time at the customer? We send mailings, goods, or trade show materials quickly, safely and conveniently to all the addressees. Also worldwide, with the necessary shipping documents. By mail or parcel services as well as shipping companies or couriers. Postage costs are optimized. Each shipment is recorded and tracked electronically.

Logistics of Tomorrow for Today

"The two founders of d-log invented logistics as a marketing tool. For modern growth-oriented companies d-log is irreplaceable."
Jörg Küpper (left), Robert Konzack (right)

The d-log Principle is simple

“Zero-defect performance”

Our customers grow with and through our commitment. We understand logistics as a sales task and important marketing tool of the future. d-log offers in addition to warehousing a diverse range of services, such as co-packing, fulfillment, logistics consulting and outsourcing.

We operate online stores and we are the logistics partner for manufacturers and distributors of advertising materials, consumer products, industrial products, branded goods and investment items, for shipping companies, banks and insurance companies, world market leaders and start-ups, Fortune 500 corporations and family businesses...

With d-log, you can enormously reinforce your effect at the recipient. This applies equally to your business customers, your business partners and your private customers.