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With the d-log Warehousing Management system you will make your controller happy, and you will get a warehouse that works effective and efficient.

Warehouses are expensive, storing goods is binding capital. d-log knows all tasks and processes, and how to develope and organize them perfectly. From automatically to hand-picked. We view the man-machine-interaction very carefully, as the warehousing management system is just as good as the people and their team behind.

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Jörg Küpper
Jörg Küpper

Founder & Managing Director

The d-log approach

We´ll get the most out of your warehouse: top-class performance, transparency and saftey.

In many modern companies the storage management looks like a complete fool.That it`s different - in particular better – d-log demonstrates every day. As a service provider and operater of many customer warehouses we achieved a lot of experiences over the last years. We can also build your warehouse perfectly and maker your team fit as a fiddle. From goods receiving to quality control, from storing to packaging, from shipping to return delivery management. We develope holistic solutions you can count on.

optimal capacity of areas

Just-in-time stock up of inventories

Consumption control

short ways, fast shipping

Those are only few oft he tasks you are able to manage with our digital warehouse solutions. We take over the modern storage of your products and all corresponding services.

If you want to organize your warehouse just as good as all other processes in your great company, just give us a call.

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Logistics of Tomorrow for Today

"The two founders of d-log invented logistics as a marketing tool. For modern growth-oriented companies d-log is irreplaceable."
Jörg Küpper (left), Robert Konzack (right)

The d-log Principle is simple

“Zero-defect performance”

For us logistics is the key distribution task and an important marketing tool of the future. If you understand today, you are on the right path tomorrow. We will support you. Flexibility, speed and reliability are our trademarks. Measure us in these statements.

We are the logistics partner for manufacturers and distributors of consumer products and high-end brands, branded goods and investment items. In food and non-food, we are equally at home. From sensitive top quality technical products to simple advertising, we are trusted. We operate online stores for world market leaders and start-ups, grow up with Fortune 500 corporations and family businesses.

With d-log you retain your customers. With d-log you strengthen enormously your effect at the receiver, your business clients and your private customers.